Wilson Audio Duette 2's vs Tekton Ulf's

Help...I am going crazy reading the Tekton DI forum.  And now there are comments regarding the Ulf.  I have a pair of Wilson Audio Duette 2's.  I have two Triad Silver in wall Subwoofers to complement the bass from the Duette 2's.  My integrated tube amp is Raven Audio Reflection MK2 with 58wpc.  That combination has been absolutely awesome for me in a room that is 30'wide x 40' long.  Yes, I know not the perfect listening room but the music that comes out of my system sounds like a concert hall.  In addition, I have a Lumin A-1 DAC / Music Streamer and a Synology hard drive for music storage.  I love my system.  This is strictly 2- channel as I have a separate dedicated theater room also.  

Originally, for fun I was going to buy the Tekton DI and just compare them to the Duette 2's.  I figured I would compare the two speakers and sell the ones that I did not like as much.  Yes, they are two totally different speakers.  Then, the Ulf's came out and Eric said they blow the doors off of the DI's.  Naturally, I am interested in the Ulf's.  However, in this situation, I would need to sell my Duette 2's before ordering the Ulf's.  Am I crazy?  I am comparing the Duette's that cost $23k vs a Tekton Mini or Ulf at $7.5k to 12k.  

I live in the Phoenix area.  If there are any audiophiles out here that would not mind listening to my current system and telling me what you think I would love to hear your comments.  It is very hard for me to give an objective opinion on my system.  Like I said I love it....but like all of us, if there is a way to improve it we do it.  I just don't know if the Tekton Ulf's are an upgrade over my Wilson's.
Absolutely -- you always go for what you like. Sounds like you are enjoying them. That's great. I love to hear that they are providing the sound you love. It's all of our goals! And with only 60 hours, they are just going to get even better.

I smiled at your acoustics. I have the same problem. I must have one of the worst rooms acoustically that I can think of. My setup is mostly HT though so I have the benefit of room correction from my processor. Still... it makes you wonder what an acoustically good room would sound like and how much difference it would make. I don't have that luxury, so it's academic. 
Congratulations on your purchase. Sonus Faber makes beautifully built speakers and the Amati is exceptionally handsome. I have no doubt they sound as good as they look. All the best. 
Sunil Merchant. I am a Wilson Audio dealer The Wilson Audio Duette Series 2 is a formidable stand mounted loudspeaker. This speakers crossover is designed so you place it very close to your rear wall. Wilson Audio also installs Resistors to alter and change certain parameters. You should really spend some time in getting them setup. I have used my Duette Series 2 with really powerful Solid state amplifiers. They are one of the most musical speakers I have heard. Since you already own one of the finest, why not spend some time and optimize them in your room. Happy Listening my friend.