Wilson Audio for a 1600 sq ft space

I love the design of Wilson Audio speakers and am looking to purchase a system for a 37' x 45' mostly open space living room. 

I host a lot of gatherings, from dinners to parties, so I am looking for a system that will fill the room and sound good at all volumes whether you are sitting or standing throughout the space. Doesn't have to be perfect. I'm assuming that anything will be an upgrade from my crappy ceiling built ins. I'm in my 30s and will be streaming mostly deep house, hip hop and rock from the likes of Spotify. 

I've been considering the newer Alexia 2s, the Sasha DAWs (and 2s) but also the MAXX 3 and even Grand SLAMM 2s since they seem to be heavily discounted used. I'm open to suggestions. Given the size of the room, the footprint of the speakers is not really a concern. 

Would appreciate any input you may have. 

Happy holidays. Cheers!

+1 on the Salon2s. Hard to beat at the price and reaaaaally hard to beat at the used prices I’ve seen lately. Ejlif is right about the amps though, these ain’t easy to drive (neither are the Wilsons)
@georgehifi The Gryphon evo at $75k the pair new are out of my price range I'm afraid. A used set would probably still be too expensive at this point. 

What about a pair of the new McIntosh MC901 or used MC1.2Kw? 

Any other alternatives?
@georgehifi The Gryphon evo at $75k the pair new are out of my price range I’m afraid. A used set would probably still be too expensive at this point.

@ yvl OP
Then a used pair of "John Curl" Parasound Halo JC1’s, I heard these in high bias-Class A mode on the Wilson Alexia’s and the Gryphon Antillion was the only thing that was just a little better, and those you can get used and under $10k maybe even $5k

4hrs to go, make an offer of $4500.
Sell the $1.2k of BS fuses for $500, and put back the $1 ones
Cheers George
My favorite ss with Wilson is D'Agostino which were designed utilizing Wilson speakers.  Dave Wilson preferred them as well and utilized the Momentums in his home system. If size is not an issue, consider the Progression mono amps @ $38,000 list per pair.
I wonder if Avantgarde horns might be an option.  They certainly make a visual statement -- and many people seem to love the sound they make.   You could also probably save some on amplification because they're extremely efficient.  Just a thought.