Wilson Audio Haters

I've always wondered why there are so many people out there, that more than any other speaker manufacturer, really hate the Wilson line. I own Maxx 2's and also a pair of Watt Puppys. They are IMHO quite wonderful.

Why does Wilson get so much thrashing?

bo1972, based on your posts and the system linked to on Facebook I find you to have no superiority in setting up systems in comparison to better dealers. In fact, I see what I consider to be a glaring mistake in your method. :) 

Dear meerzistar,

we call a system 2 dimensional when the stage depth is 1 metre max.

Many 2 dimensional systems have even a lot less. So when you put some music on, voices and instruments are al most standing on the same line.

What this does with your emotion is that the music is less involving and people often use the words; it is more standing away from you.

When you listen to the same music in a 3 dimensional system, the voices and instruments are more separated from eachother but also separated in depth.

You are pulled into the music and you become more one with the music. When I changed from 2d to 3D you always see the smile on the faces of people. 

Their reactions was the reason why I stopped selling 2 dimensional sound. I work on behave of the people who wants to buy an audio system. I want to give them the best possible, not second best.

When I was them I would only want the best. I become them and I make the same decisions as I would make for myself.

Music is a part of my life and I want others to get the same addictive feeling as I experience.

seems like most people drive Wilson speakers with ss amplifiers but they sound so much better with tubes which would help the approval ratings

all imo of course

We sell many parts like cables, sources, conditioners and modifications to many peole with expensive sets. Money does not garantee you anything.

You have no idea what we created and what we do. Most things we will never post or share. I can garantee you that it will change the world in audio in 2017.

We are far ahead in knowledge and insight than all other people are. We have now a specialist in Marketing and we will share the knowledge and ideas with manufacturers.

It outperforms anything in highend audio at this moment. It is that more precise and natural sounding. When I say: we create and sell a sound. It is a new approach.

This is a new level in creating audio systems. What is superior in effectivity. This is based on the fact that trial and error is ineffective to create an audio system.

We work and think based on the human emotion. This creates a much higher level in realism and quality.

This will give people a new level in listening to their beloved music.
People focus on brands all the time in audio. They think when we buy products with great reviews  we will have an awesome system.

Audio does not work like that. You can use it this way but at the end trial and error always will be very ineffective.

You can create a superior level in sound when you would focus on just properties of each single part of your sustem.

That is why I say: we don’t care about a name, but we are just interested in properties a brand or product can give us.

Based on the properties togheter of a product we decide if it fits into our Tru-Fi. The focus is always on Tru-Fi.

Tru-Fi makes it possible to use all the qualities/properties a loudspeaker owns. Because we want to know the DNA of each single loudspeaker.

Then we know which quality/properties it owns. It is our goal to reveal all the properties and quality the speaker can give.

But when you will use this speaker and create your system by trial and error. I can garantee you that it is impossible to use all the properties it owns.

And you know why?

Because you are not able to know what the properties of each part of your system are. Most of the choices you made these are products which do not own all the parts of Tru-Fi.

At the end you are not able to use all the properties/qualities of the speaker you own.