Wilson Audio Haters

I've always wondered why there are so many people out there, that more than any other speaker manufacturer, really hate the Wilson line. I own Maxx 2's and also a pair of Watt Puppys. They are IMHO quite wonderful.

Why does Wilson get so much thrashing?

Hi crazyeddy,

Bet he would be happy with one of your awesome custom bikes instead.


I have read that Wilson already has 25-26 pre-production orders !!

I'm not on that list LOL

27 a month ago when I attended Alexx demo.

Also Peter McGrath said he has personally performed 20+ Alexx setup at customers home, not including dealers, so Dave Wilson is LOL all the way to the bank and GOOD FOR HIM!!! 

As several others have noted, "hate" is the wrong word. Opinions are a dime a dozen in this hobby and everyone has one. It's a simple issue of different people having different preferences.

I've heard Wilsons many times and they are not my cup of tea. I don't find them all that natural sounding. They suffer from what I call the "Kodachrome" effect -- impressive, but, to me, not natural. Throw their price tag on top of that and my response is "definitely not for me."

You can blame the set up, associated equipment, room acoustics or whatever, but my impression has been consistent in every encounter.

That said, lots of other people love them. Not much different from the way people respond to every other category of products out there, whether cars, cameras, cooking equipment or whatever. Big deal... buy what you like and leave the rest. 


YES Dave, I must present him with one of my customs. Fair trade for a new set of WAMMS. Damn, what was I thinking??? Perhaps you should come to work for me in sales !!!!