Wilson Audio Haters

I've always wondered why there are so many people out there, that more than any other speaker manufacturer, really hate the Wilson line. I own Maxx 2's and also a pair of Watt Puppys. They are IMHO quite wonderful.

Why does Wilson get so much thrashing?

Shadorne, as you might guess I differ in my assessment of the purported success of Darwinism. Of course, jumping DNA doesn't work when there is no DNA to work with; there is not even close to a reasonable hypothesis of how DNA got here! The jumping DNA does nothing to resolve the problem of information and Origins. It's a sideshow, a distraction from admitting the failure of the theory. 

I do not intend on drawing out my discussion of this; I respect your and Randy's positions. My primary point is as that made by dlcockrum, what does this have to do with Wilson Speakers? I find that often threads are hijacked for purposes of getting some licks in on one's ideological opponents.   
I thought if I jump into a thread entitled "Wilson Audio Haters", by page 4 it would diverge into something very weird & convoluted, and the first post I read was about Darwinism and morphing DNA, lol!! :D
@melbguy1 , shhhhhh David, this is serious stuff!!
We are publicly psychoanalyzing Bo, and his obvious personality flaws.
We are right in the middle of deciding whether his overly zealous personality more closely resembles a religious zealot or a creationist zealot.

With no more interruptions, we should have this figured out in another few pages..... ;^)
Frankly, most threads on this site have marginal usefulness in terms of practical system building. They often go off the rails, typically by someone making a religious or political derogatory comment. That diminishes the value of the discourse even more. 

jmcgrogan2, correction; deciding whether he resembles a Darwinist zealot or religious/creationist zealot.  :) 

It's time to turn my attention to important things. Blessings to all.