Wilson Audio Haters

I've always wondered why there are so many people out there, that more than any other speaker manufacturer, really hate the Wilson line. I own Maxx 2's and also a pair of Watt Puppys. They are IMHO quite wonderful.

Why does Wilson get so much thrashing?

Speaking of drivers, isn't the work done in that field by one of David Wilsons major competitors, Richard Vandersteen, impressive? Wilson drivers are merely modified versions of already available models by a couple of leading manufactures; Richard has designed his own from the ground up, and makes them himself. And then prices his products so that working-class stiffs can afford them. A down-to-Earth guy, ta boot. None of that matters if one prefers the Wilson sound to the Vandersteen, of course.
I think it is time for Wilson Audio to create a new and better look. You see this as negative, but it is not.

In Europe there are many people who think they are ugly.
Perhaps. Obviously, Wilson customers don't agree with you or those "many people" that you cite.

You've expressed your distaste for Wilson speakers many, many times here. Why should the company try to appeal to you? You're not their customer ... or dealer!
I think Wilsons look fine. Love the sound and will be buying Alexia's The only reason I'll be selling my mint Witt II's is due to moving into the ex's 44x20x8 room. The Witt II's sound as good as the Sophias and up to WP6 then the 7's and up start to pull away in sound, and cost. I got to hear a lot of them on a nice SS system. They really sound great with tubes. JMO.
dlcockrum’s 12-24 post concerning varying degrees of imaging and depth are what I have found to be the case of my main listening room. For several years using Legacy Focus speakers with EAR 864 pre-amp, I had lost my soundstage depth. For the last three years, I reinserted an upgraded custom pre-amp with Stillpoint SS and obtained a fair amount of soundstage depth, let’s say 10 to 15 feet when recorded that way. Then I inserted Synergistic Research black fuses in my amps and duplex outlet. Whoa Nelly!! I have a huge soundstage in both width and depth depending on the recording of course. For 20 years I owned only electrostats which had great depth. When I switched to the Focus speakers, I lost most of my depth. It just took equipment and tweaks to bring it all back. I would never trade in my dynamic speakers for electrostats and my wife wouldn’t allow a Magnapan to play her rock.

My audio engineer friend Grover Huffman and I have attended three consecutive Newport Audio shows. Its interesting to note that the first thing he notices about most rooms is the lack of depth and soundstage. Sometimes, we pop in his A/C cables and ICs in a room and the room is breathing music in depth and width where there previously was a jumbled sound. Often, the smaller monitor size speakers have very superior depth and imaging to the huge/heavy speakers. Its just the way it appears to us. I haven’t heard a Wilson or Magico speaker built pre-2016 that I would own. I did hear some impressive large speakers by von Schweigert in 2015. The Harbeth 40.2 speakers were impressive although ugly. Some high end audiophiles may scorn my Focus speakers but when set up in the right system, they play music as good as any system I’ve heard at the shows I’ve attended. Its not just the speakers but the entire system and room acoustics that determine whether one can fully immerse themselves in the music.
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