Wilson Audio Haters

I've always wondered why there are so many people out there, that more than any other speaker manufacturer, really hate the Wilson line. I own Maxx 2's and also a pair of Watt Puppys. They are IMHO quite wonderful.

Why does Wilson get so much thrashing?

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The Watt/Puppies image like 3D.  Most people don't like flat FR response, although they think they do.

Wilson spks are not set and forget; they must be set up right.  Room acoustics and cables should be optimized with a set of ears which can hear. 

Not for low quality source material, but gets it with the high end crowd.

jmcgrogan25,689 posts02-18-2017 11:57am
If a man is standing in the corner muttering to himself, do you engage him or walk away?

You talking about that fella with the Tara Labs thread?