Wilson Audio Haters

I've always wondered why there are so many people out there, that more than any other speaker manufacturer, really hate the Wilson line. I own Maxx 2's and also a pair of Watt Puppys. They are IMHO quite wonderful.

Why does Wilson get so much thrashing?


The Watt/Puppies image like 3D.  Most people don't like flat FR response, although they think they do.

Wilson spks are not set and forget; they must be set up right.  Room acoustics and cables should be optimized with a set of ears which can hear. 

Not for low quality source material, but gets it with the high end crowd.

jmcgrogan25,689 posts02-18-2017 11:57am
If a man is standing in the corner muttering to himself, do you engage him or walk away?

You talking about that fella with the Tara Labs thread?
I have continuously owned Wilson Audio Speakers over the past 15 years, I'm currently on my 5th pair (Sasha 2) and have been very happy with the performance and quality of the excellent products offered by this outstanding American Company. Unfortunately, far too many posted opinions are from Members that have admittedly never owned, or even seen a pair of Wilson Audio Speakers, yet will freely post negative views on their products. Prospective Buyers soliciting advice on Wilson Audio Speakers should do so from current and previous Owners, imo.
I submit even when members who previously owned Wilson's post negative comments, current Wilson owners are offended. "Prospective Buyers" should use their "own ears" no matter what speakers their purchasing. It really doesn't make a difference if I love them or dislike them!