Wilson Audio MAXX resistors

I am about to replace resistors on my MAXX-1 which is in use for the last 10 years. There is no information in the instruction manual and i have absolutely no idea which resistors are to be used for mid/hi freq.. Does anybody have any information on the effect and procedure for resistor replacement/selection.
When the driver(s) fail, just replace the resistors. Just like keeping spare tubes on hand. It's that simple. Either you have the money or skills to be in this hobby...or you don't. I'm simply trying to help out Fpooyandeh fix a problem.

In your argument the difference is that a tube do have a finite lifespan, its design dictates that. A resistor properly implemented have a unlimited lifespan it will not wear out, my first post on this subject. To reverse your argument would you expect to replace the output transistors on your SS power amplifier?, probably not.

Good Listening

Why take the issue so personally? You didn't design or build the speakers, and everyone, no matter how gifted, makes a mistake now and then, even Dave Wilson. It's not that big a deal.
I had to replace my resistors. I accidentally turned the volume to high after a few glasses of wine. Sound became muddy and imaging was reduced. I thought I blew my tweeters but it was just the resistors. Changed them and everything snapped back.

Did they say how often you should change the reisistors?