Wilson Audio MAXX resistors

I am about to replace resistors on my MAXX-1 which is in use for the last 10 years. There is no information in the instruction manual and i have absolutely no idea which resistors are to be used for mid/hi freq.. Does anybody have any information on the effect and procedure for resistor replacement/selection.
Roxy54...I guess I should have missled the person that wanted help? You seem to have problems that are far deeper than audio. Instead of asking Dave Wilson, maybe you should contact Captain Kangaroo. Peace
No, you gave proper advice. You just became a little thin-skinned when it was suggested that Dave Wilson may have made an error in the design of your speakers.
You think that resistors may act as fuses? Ask Dave Wilson, I'm sure he'll know.


I am pretty sure they do.
Grannyring....From Sasha w/p manual.
Midrange and Tweeter Resistors
The Midrange Level, which consists of two 3.2 ohm resistors in parallel, and Tweeter Level, which consists of two 1.6 ohm resistors in parallel, resis- tors provide precise level matching for the midrange and tweeter drivers correspondingly. The resistors also act as ultra high quality fuses which open be- fore a driver can be damaged by excess power. See Section 6.0 for details in replacing these resistors in the event one of these resistors is damaged.
Additionally, these resistors can be used to tailor the output of the corresponding driver to overcome tonal balance issues that result from room acoustics.