Wilson Audio MAXX resistors

I am about to replace resistors on my MAXX-1 which is in use for the last 10 years. There is no information in the instruction manual and i have absolutely no idea which resistors are to be used for mid/hi freq.. Does anybody have any information on the effect and procedure for resistor replacement/selection.
You beat me to lt, reading this thread with interest and for education as well.
Pbnaudio's explanations and reasoning appear to be undeniably logical based on sensible engineering principles. Why use a resistor in this manner?
Sorry but I have to laugh at some of you guys. Looks to me like the resistor plays a multifaceted role for the Wilson speaker. Read the last sentence in my post. Also, there is a speaker review of the new Alexia where the reviewer found the speaker too laid back, I believe, and changed the resister (through Wilson I'd course).

There are a bunch of ways to skin this cat otherwise we would all have the same speaker and it would be mde by the end user.

Sorry Peter but your statements that this is not sound design makes you look like a chump and a guy desparate to sell his Montana speaker that only the Elk find appealing. Not trying to be mean but as a manufacturer you look self serving.

Did you read the entire thread? , I'd recommend starting with the first
post, please do, and then let us know your position on this subject.

And who is the Elk anyway ?

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As an outside observer I find Peter's decorum admirable and he's been very respective of the Wilson product. He has noted an unusual application for a resistor in a speaker and clearly explained he opinion{hardly "chump" behavior}.Yes, there are many ways to skin a cat. There's no reason to aim an insult toward peter{Montana comment} for offering a well reasoned viewpoint.
Bjcab, in terms of "chump" do you have a mirror nearby?