Wilson Audio MAXX resistors

I am about to replace resistors on my MAXX-1 which is in use for the last 10 years. There is no information in the instruction manual and i have absolutely no idea which resistors are to be used for mid/hi freq.. Does anybody have any information on the effect and procedure for resistor replacement/selection.
I think I found a way to explain this that is quite easy to understand for everyone:

It is like putting a 80 MPH governor on a Ferrari!

Good Listening

Maybe on Montanas, but my Wilsons don't sound like they need anything. Glad you rate the Wilsons up there with Ferrari though.
PBN wrote "A high end system from my point of view certainly should be able to be played loud and proud at times without the risk of it shutting down. That being said gross abuse, amplifier oscillation etc, can and will cause driver failure even with the best designed crossovers. "

I agree. I do play loud and proud often but in this instance I was drunk. I had the remote upside down and thought I was turning it down when I was actually turning it up. I pushed well pass any listenable volume. I think I would have blown my tweeters without the resistor failure.

It may indeed be a marketing ploy or just a way to save the customer money when they do something stupid like I did. I think the tweeters are kind of expensive.

I must say that the degradation of the resistor over time from normal use is new to me. In my case it was unintentional abuse.
In regards to Resistors all are not equal.
I have replaced several Xovers and Duelund Graphite Silver
Have been the best ,they vary between 5-10% tolerance.
There is a new exceptional resistor out now hand made in Poland Path Audio . Audio connexion just started carrying these.
These are 1% tolerance ,these are smooth on top but exceptionally detailed and dynamic ?I personally think these are the best currently made.
They even have a 3rd wire a drain to negative for RF,from it's Copper outer jacket. Duelund are still very close a touch more nuetral in absolute terms
But, Path Audio is a bit more 3 dimentional IMO,the Duelund cast are$50 each ,Path are $15 less.Well worth the monies spent.
So much attitude and lack of information here. They are accessible for two reasons; in extreme environments you can adjust the balance to some degree. And yes, they are there for protection as well as equalization in the crossover network. Fuses were determined by Dave to adversely affect the sound and extremely high quality resistors did not. If you don’t want to know there are resistors in your crossover you’d better not look. I have replaced several sets over the years, mainly due to lightning strikes, once for acoustics. I’m getting ready to replace some in a 15 year old pair this week due to a lightning strike. I was a dealer for many years but no longer am. Those who criticize Wilson’s design capability have the right to their opinions. Let me spend some time with one of your designs and I’ll let you know whose opinion I value most...