Wilson Audio paint problems

Hi - am I the only person who has experienced problems with Wislon Audio products? I bought a brand new pair of Sofia 2s and after about 12 months they developed cracking around the top and front edge. This has spread laterally at the top if the speaker. I approached the distributor who offered to take them to a Ferrari paint shop! I called Wilson Audio but the guy I was put through to did not return my calls.

I have since purchased a pair of Duettes on Audiogon. These too have developed a light crack down the side along one of the seams. I love Wilson speakers (I have the centre and sub/sub controller too). I have invested a lot of money in the brand but now feel completely unable to get my problems sorted. Looking on the web, there seems to be a lot about WA's commitment to the client. I just feel I can't get access to it!

Does anyone else have a similar experience or advice?
Found this old thread searching on a watch center and wanted to chime in....

My Sophia 2's are black and the paint looks like my dogs rear end!

I was under the impression the paint would be super nice since Wilson touts the paint as well as the speaker.

Well, they have really bad spider webs! I know about paint, been buffing, waxing, washing and polishing paint since I was 12 YO and there is no excuse for this, even if its black.

Also, when I was moving residence, I noticed a paint run (drip/whatever) that was sanded down, but not all the way! They shot clear right over it and it looked like cheet man! I should have marked it (the sun was shining on it) because now I can't find it.

I too have called wilson. Called about their rules for warranty (I was late sending card in since I wasn't aware of the rules) and during business hours, couldn't reach anyone.

To Elizabeth, the importance of having the dealer install the speakers is very real. They are trained to set the speakers in a certain way. Then after break-in, the dealer comes back and tightens the screws and re-positions them. When my dealer did the re-positioning, it was sounding soooo much better!

Wilsons need to be setup PERFECTLY, otherwise they don't sound as good. So if Joe Shmoe installs the speaker(s) w/out training, the sound is not as good then the "Wilson" speaker is at fault (wrongly so).
I can't believe all this negative vibe about Wilson Audio quality.

Took delivery on a pair of Maxx3's today. They are superbly finished in EVERY way!

The paint is an upgraded metal-flake Macadamia color. I am an exotic car hobbyist and own 3 of them....also, own and fly German-built custom racing sailplanes...and the finish on my new Maxx3's rival the depth of the paint finishes on any of the cars, and also the precision of the sailplane airfoils which have mirror like smooth surfaces that don't distort reflections.

It is obvious how well-finished the external surfaces are because, yes, you can examine the areas that are painted but will not show when fully assembled and compare them to, say, the front and sides of the speaker. While still very good, the surfaces are not quite as perfect. Once fully assembled all you can see are superb, luscious, deep paint finished to perfection!

This is not my first set of Wilson speakers, either....I owned the Maxx2's and they were also superb.

Are you guys just 'dissin a great USA company out of spite or something? If so, suggest you go put a nice Charlie Daniel's CD in and turn up that Boze Wave.

Wilson Audio and their products are fantastic. (in my opinion)

John Bojack
Addendum to my above post.

My Maxx3's arrived perfect except one corner on one of the woofer grilles had a very small tear due to the shipping stress (Wilson ships them attached to the speakers to protect the drivers).

Delivery and setup was on Monday....Wilson had a new grille in my hand by Thursday. Great customer service.

Wow !

I myself have noticed how much negative comments are floating around about Wilson speakers.

Hearing about defective paint is not surprising, transporting will almost guarantee some kind of issue , not to mention the difficulty in preparing and preventing faults that tend to show up months later.

2 months turn around for a painted custom finish would not be considered unusual and is about right as the paint has to cure to make sure there will be no shrinkage that would lead to further cracking before transporting . Also i can see Wilson holding the speaker a bit longer to make sure all was good , before shipping knowing any faults here would be very irritating due to it being a re-do .

A custom color would add time , as WA would not setup just to paint one Pr of speaker, you would naturally do the larger run first .

I would hope the O/P would chime in to let us all know how this ended .