Wilson Audio Sasha 2 & Avalon Indra

Do you think Wilson Audio Sasha 2 & Avalon Indra is the same level’s speaker?

And Wilson Audio Alexia is same level with Avalon Eidolons Diamond?
It is a nice thing that we can choose from so many different flavors. At the end it Always will be a personal matter. You are the only one who can make the best choice for yourself. It is that simple!
I just purchased the Wilson Alexia. My past speakers were b&W Nautilus 802 and Verity Parsifal Ovations. The Alexia’s are vastly superior to the later two speakers as they should be given the price difference. I listen to a lot of Jazz and this genre sounds fabulous on the Alexia especially at low level listening. Very musical! As many have said it is a matter of personal choice. I can appreciate a wide range of speakers and am not locked into any one “sound”. Half the fun of this hobby is trying and owning different products. Don’t think you can go wrong with either brand.
Well to my opinion the Avalon Indra should be compared to the Wilson Sophia 3 and in that case I still prefer the Sophia 3 for attack, speed and bass. I had both in my house and now play with the Sasha 1.

The Avalon is completely overpriced (at least in Europe) and to my opinion is worth maximum half of the list price. But I guess it all comes down to taste.