Wilson Audio sophia 3 or Watt Puppy 6

hi evry one i am not american so sorry 4 my english.
I have now a pair of Watt Puppy 6 running with a Moscode 600
i love my system i love the music it creates,
however i may have a chance to upgrade to a pair of new sophia 3.
ps my 6's are at least 20 years old and in good running condition.
please share your thoughts on this possible upgrade.
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I compare Sophia III to the W/P8 and prefer the Sophia III.

The Sasha (which would have been W/P9) is better than the Sophia III.

If you have the means, the Sasha is the way to go. Otherwise, the Sophia III is perfectly satisfying.

Yes, I have been working with Casey. I'm really trying to figure out what's the best performance/price option between WP 8s and Sasha's. I haven't had the opportunity to listen to WP 8s; therefore I like hearing other opinions.

I was wondering where you were in this process. I know how hard it can be to pull the trigger on such a large purchase. I also know how much harder it is when the item that you covet is at the top or even out of your price range. I wish you well with your quest.

I have had extensive listening sessions with w/p 7's but not direct side by side comparisons to the w/p 8. I found the w/p 8's to be smoother on the top end and a bigger bottom. I tend to listen to rock and pop recordings which are not always the best. The 8's definitely made these recordings more listenable.

I later upgraded to the the Sasha. Much better speaker. The Sasha IMO sound much more like a mini Maxx 3 than an improved w/p 8. So, in my experience, there is an improvement from the 7 to the 8's but it is more subtle. The improvements from the 8's to the Sasha, IMO, is quite significant.

Is it worth the extra money to go for the Sasha over the 8's? Only you can determine that. If your experience is like mine you will find that the 8's sound more like 7's and you will still lust for the Sasha's. :)

You are correct, it's very hard pulling the trigger on such a large purchase. The problem is my ears...I've listened to many speakers over the years and I submit the Sasha's are the best that I've heard for me! Your comments,"If your experience is like mine you will find that the 8's sound more like 7's and you will still lust for the Sasha's", are so true, because that's how I felt we the Sophia 3s. I'll make the decision within the next few days.
Room size for the speakers would make for a more informed discussion. If the room is smallish, the Sophia III is going to win in almost any circumstance, even against the Sasha. If the room is large enough, any recent W/P will have a room-matching advantage. But you don't get the Sophia's coherence and unified presentation until you move up to the Sasha W/P, and that's $10K USD more.