Wilson Audio Tunetot Loudspeakers Reviewed !


The TuneTot measured poorly on ASR, but Amir still gave it his recommendation because he liked how it sounded with EQ applied. Confusion ensues in the ASR crowd.


tough crowd... if they priced at 10K, they were probably confident in what it does?




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Another great review "Quad ESL 57’s GOOD"


This is not good... The reference made elsewhere in this thread about "Wilson’s being sensitive to the gear you hook them up too... they will reveal everything"

That made me chuckle, as I have experienced that exact thing with my Wilson Audio Duette... but here’s the thing - it’s not a "feature correlating to excellence". In fact, it highlights a problem with the speaker. When you experience or read about a speaker that’s said to be "very resolving" and "sensitive to gear...", in my experience, the issue there is an issue with baffle step compensation / tipped up presence in the 700hz-2khz region. "Resolving" is often an imbalance in this region that makes the speaker SOUND VERY FORWARD AND SHOUTS AT YOU. It’s not "this speaker is better than your gear"... it’s highlighting and issue with the speaker... it’s imbalanced.

People read about and get sold on the fallacy that the problem is their gear. Nope, the problem is the speaker.

And... here we are... This is a mess:




And it doesn’t stop there. There is ringing in the 1khz range. That range SHOUTS AT YOU. It’s not a matter of "this speaker is better than your gear" and that’s why it is "sensitive to gear matching". The issue is the speaker is SHOUTING and Ringing in the 1khz range. People think the "highs" and "brightness" are 8-10khz. In fact, that imbalance and ringing in the 1khz range is the issue.

This ringing is a problem: