Wilson Audio Yvette vs Sasha 2

Thanks in advance for input. 
My room: 14 x 21 w/ 10'ceilings.  Speakers on the 14' wall.  
Pre/Power: ARC Ref 3 and Ref 75 (KT 150s)
Transparent Super cables/connects
Lumin T1
Current speakers: Sophia 2. 
Looking for advice on the differences between Sasha 2 and Yvette from anyone who has compared. 
I'm guessing the top end is similar, bass is a bit better on Sasha, or at least lower reaching..? 
Big question is on upper bass and midrange integration and texture - to me the magic area.  Is one better than the other?  I've heard Yvette may integrate better and provide more real texture. 
*My room is dedicated, and adjustable, so I can make the Yvettes align.


Just curious, but why no inquiry or inclusion of the Sabrinas?

each person I've spoken with that has heard them especially with aR power has said it was a  most memorable. event and they are less costly than the Evettes.

just saying... good luck regardless.
I heard the Sabrinas ealier, once with McIntosh and once with ARC.  They were very good with ARC.  But, I felt like I could hear some overcooked mid bass - like they were trying to show off that they weren't "little men".  
They thew a huge soundstage and sounded great other than that.  
By the way, I ended up deciding that I need Alexia 1 (again).  So, I just got some really nice Sasha 1 to hold me over. 


how did you feel about Sasha 1 coming from Sophia 2?

I currently own Sophia 2 and I’m considering Sophia 3, Yvette, or Sasha 1. My biggest question is how does Sasha 1 compared to the newer Yvette? But also, how do either of those speakers present an upgrade over Sophia 2.




I’ve had Sophia 2, 3, Sasha 1, Alexia 1, Sabrina 1. 
They were all Alamein’s speakers. 
I would order them: Alexia 1, Sabrina 1, Sasha 1, Sophia 3, Sophia 2

In my room, with my ARC gear, Sasha was better than Sophia 3, but marginally.  I did not feel it justified the extra cost.  They were both notably better than Sophia 2. The tweeter in Sophia 2 always had a bit of grain and dryness. 
The silk domed Alexia and Sabrina were another level.  They are different speakers, obviously, but Sabrina was closer to Alexia in sound across the spectrum. 
If you don’t have a huge room, Sabrina is the no brainer. 
I would think Yvette would be even better, but I’ve. It heard it 

So, from all I’ve had, I would buy Sabrina (again) or swing for Yvette. 
hope that helps.