Wilson Benesch A.C.T speakers?

I'm not been able to audition them, has anyone heard or have a opinion on the Wilson Benesch ACT, which are rate as Editor's Choice, in the UK magazine HI-FI Choice.

Thanks, tomer
I heard the Curves a few months ago while demoing a cdp. They are great speakers. They are as Wrtickle described above. After I am done moving, Wilson Benesch is at the top of my list for new speakers.

I am building an audiophile-class home theater and came across the WB speakers at a dealer (AudioVisions) in San Francisco. I was originally going with 802s (I currently have 803s in another room), but was blow away by the WB ACTs. So, I have procured a 7 channel WB and SimAudio Moon (amp) system which consists of 2 WB ACTs for main, 1 Centre for center and 4 ARCs for surround. The SimAudio Moon amps seemed to match them very well at the dealer. I went with 2 400watt W6 monoblocks for the mains and a 5-channel Titan for the other speakers. M

y dealer is also recommending Cardas cabling. Originally, I was going with Kimber, but my dealer (who of course sells them), claims that Cardas is a better match for the WB/Moon combo. Cardas seems to make several different cables. Is the Golden Cross biwire that you describe the best for the mains? I have a very long run for the center and don't want to spend significant $$ for that run. I suppose that matching the center with another lower-cost Cardas would be appropriate. Would this make sense to you? If so, which cable? For the 4 surrounds, I have already bought Kimber 8TC. Probably less critical to match cabling with these. What do you think?

WR Tickle
The speakers in the analog room in Mtl. were the Curves. The ACTs were in another room with the Audio Aero Prestige SACD player and A.A. Capitole amplifier. (Wow!)

pretty good system, but you might want to dump the unshieleded Nordost interconnects for some more Golden Cross interconnects (or any better quality shielded interconnect)
If you've only has the ACTs for two weeks, they're not even broken-in yet!! They'll get even better.... (unless they were broken-in demos...?)

The Wilson Benesch site says they'll be at the Stereophile show in New York City this coming weekend...
just bought a pair of act 2 speakers, pairing with cary 300 se mono's and shanling sacd, tag avr32 processor. sound is fantastic but amps fail to drive properly at higher volumes so am upgrading. Build quality is by far the best i've come across - i went for these over the amatis
I had the new ACT's for about a month in my home while awaiting the WB Chimeras. They have fantastic resolution and tuneful fast base. I can't think of anything in the price range that is better. I bought the Chimeras only because of deeper base extension and a more realistic "presence" in a midsized room. See John Marks comments in stereophile.