Wilson Benesch ACT1 VS Dynaudio Confidence 5

Any experience?
I agree..Although the Confidence C5 has a cult following they are extremely difficult to drive.Ive never owned them but have listen to them a few times,nothing I would buy..If limited to your short list I would go for the WB,a better balanced speaker
Power,should not be a problem with my Gryphon DM100,even considering the 17m2 of room size.
Probably the best solid state match to WB is gryphon. Altough I am not familiar with DM100, but the warmer sound of gryphons are complementing well the rather cool sound of WB. Still, I think WB is an overhyped loudspeaker. It is a typical modern nice and room friendly speaker, with nice imaging and fairly detailed sound. It is designed not to be sharp at top, so your ears wont be bleeding. That is nice, and makes it very musical. None the less, rolled off highs also means that they lack somehow transient attack. Nice if you like romanticised music, but not when you are want to heat violins biting. But this is a smaller problem, and even you may like it. Its biggest shortcoming is that its small woofers unable provide bass foundation and body for music. Ultimately, they are disappointment because of this. WBs are expensive compared to their flaws.
Thank you Ajahu.
Any comments on driving the C5s with the DM100 or Antileon(no signature)?
First a disclaimer. I am a dealer for Wilson benesch. We took our A.C.T.s to the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest this weekend. I am sure there will be a few posts on agon pretty soon, though not all on the A.C.T.'s because we also brought the Wilson benesch Curves. We had a listener come in to our room who owns a pair of the A.C.T. 1's. I think he was mightily impressed by the sound. We paired the A.C.T.s with the deHavilland GM070's single ended amps with 50 watts. I think he was concerned that they wouldn't be powerful enough to drive his speakers but we put on the Hugh Masekela CD called Hope. Kind of an audiophile shock and awe CD. Played very loudly. The nice thing about the Wilson benesch speaker is they use a very simple crossover that doesn't suck the life out of the music, and allows you to use lower output amplifiers.

I have his contact information so I will ask him if he would post some comments here.