Wilson Benesch ARC vs. Dynaudio Contour 1.3SE

Wondering if anyone has had a chance to compare the ARCs and the 1.3SEs (or Special 25s). I've read a couple older posts but thought I'd see if there are any recent impressions anyone would like to share. I've got a small listening room 13x15x8 and have BAT50SE, BAT75 and Wadia301. Also have a REL Strata III.

I've heard them both:

The ARCs are easier to drive (far more efficient)and will sound better, with better bass at lower volumes.
The ARCS are ported out the bottom instead of the back, so they'll be less sensitive to the back wall boundary in your small room, than the rear-ported Dynaudios.
The ARCs are super-engineered and well-built with carbon fiber and aluminum construction in a unique cabinet design.
They are way prettier than the Dynaudios
Oh ya, and the ARCs sound better too!


I will not add more to Golden ears' comments other than the fact that the ARCs draw you into the music. The 1.3SE's are lovely (and I like them), but they do not involve you the same way.
I saw ARC one and thought it looks and sounds very nice. But I hate their website's pictures. They takes some pictures but none of them shows good view of the speaker. Like trying to hide an ugly speaker, which is actually decent looking (I will rate it comparable to Sonus Faber in looking). They should put better pictures there, no reason to hide a beauty. Who works in the sale department? wake up and do your work.