Wilson Benesch Discovery's


Anyone have any experience with the Wilson Benesch Discovery's?

Matching in particular with a Krell pre power combination.

The other speakers on my shortlist are the Dynaudio S25's and Contour S3.4's.

The S25's sounded boomy with my placement around 30 inches from the back of the speaker to the wall.

Comments appreciated.


I think I saw a review for those at Soundstage.com recently. If you haven't seen it already, check it out. That speaker has down-firing isobaric bass, so it might be less room-sensitive than rear-ported speakers.

Have read the review already. Was wondering if my Krells would be a good match for them.

Opinions appreciated.

I heard the Discovery's at a dealer with Halcro amps and AudioNet cdp. My experience with monitors is limited, but I think the Discovery's are hard to beat. They sounded very similar to the Bishops (Wilson Benesch 30k flag ship speaker), except for bass extension (which might be their only weak spot, depending on your needs/expectations). The integration of drivers is absolutely seamless and they sound very neutral and detailed without being obnoxious. They also sounded very natural with the Halcros, although I'd probably prefer them with tube ampfilfication. But that's probably not your cup of tea.
For my next speaker upgrade, I'm actually contemplating about a single driver speaker. The Discovery is the only speaker that could move me towards a conventional design (if they would only show up on the used market...)