Wilson Benesch-Great or just Okay?

On the verge of a buying decision.

Hoping someone with ownership experience

will educate me about the brand.


Much Appreciated!




Some folk are way too preoccupied on the internet *Pushing* their brand of *cheaply* constructed , crude midrange PA speakers to be bothered listening to other speaker brands!

I am a Wilson Benesch dealer and the result is, I have had the privilege of listening to them side-by-side with Vivid, Perlisten, Focal, Harbeth, Zu, etc….

When you get them in an AB with any speaker not made from an advanced material (fiberglass, carbon fiber, aluminum, cast phenolic resin, etc….) the difference in sound and presentation in terms of soundstage is radical.  

For my taste, Wilson Benesch and Vivid produce the best speakers in the world and I chose to make my speakers out of Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass for this very reason.  Get them into an AB test and you will hear why they are deemed elite.  

This doesn’t make the presentation and listening experience of other speakers bad.  It is just different.   


I owned the Discovery 2 for some time.  Great speakers but matching is important as they have no crossovers on the midrange and the top end definitely leans toward the warm side.

The later models are incredible. If you appreciate an immersive midrange and extremely realistic bass you will love them. A word of warning however. They will play what is upstream. The rest of your system will determine the quality of the sound.