Wilson not delivering speakers as scheduled

Anyone else having a difficult time getting their Wilson speakers delivered as scheduled?  I ordered a new pair of Wilson’s in March and was told I would have them by September.  It’s mid November and speakers are still not delivered nor likely to arrive soon.  Anyone ordering speakers from Wilson, take note, add 3-6 months to whatever you are told!
No experience with wilson but Revel quoted 6-8 month but I found a demo pair in stock instead. McIntosh quoted 3-4 months and it showed up in 2. 

I can get a  DavidLouis delivered from HK in 1 week.
There ya go, china ain't so bad.
Man I wish I had that problem. Good for you though! I’m sure the wait will be well worth it, just hang in there. For what it’s worth I got a pair of new polks in two days.
I got a pair of new polks in two days.

Low demand, lots of inventory,,, maybe that says something,,, ever think about that.
Paid $550 for the DavidLouis

And would you kindly tell us how much you forked out for the Polk;'s?