Wilson not delivering speakers as scheduled

Anyone else having a difficult time getting their Wilson speakers delivered as scheduled?  I ordered a new pair of Wilson’s in March and was told I would have them by September.  It’s mid November and speakers are still not delivered nor likely to arrive soon.  Anyone ordering speakers from Wilson, take note, add 3-6 months to whatever you are told!
During such difficult times, it is established brands that do the best. this, due to how people instinctively 'turtle', their way through difficult times.

they go for known quantities, known brands, things other people have also done or been involved in. this is regardless if the product and/or social/cultural/economic scenario it is happening within (in situ) deserves it or not. People go for the safe ride, the safe buy.

thus, sales increase dramatically for 'known quantities' vs the newer less well known explorative ones. 

this means that established norms do well. I'd imagine that Phillipe patek watches, for example, might even be back ordered right now.

Of course the watches are heavily back-ordered. (first time I ever made that query on the net, and it is as expected, even more so due to the world's current situation) 

The big well known companies in high end audio have orders on the books they can't fulfill. Everyone wants to move forward and be 'normal' and they also want to 'play it safe'. This combination ends up having the known qualities have record sales. People take risks but they still do all they can to play it safe. 

Eg..normally there are 100 doors for people to pass through and you see many many people passing through the various doors, with some concentration in a given set of doors, but lots of people trying various doors, moving about hesitating and whatnot, milling about a bit.

As soon as SHTF happens eg...a fire in the building.....suddenly...you see  the vast majority of the doors being ignored and the people all start to congregate, to pass though just a few of the well known norms. They play it safe. They move through the danger zone single file. 

We carry and enact these psychological underpinnings in everything and everywhere.

So the few well known companies end up with a S-Ton of orders, deserved or not. There are exceptions, not quite bits of clarity in it... but the overall pattern is noted to be true.
I just received my Bryston 3B Cube amp after waiting 3 months. James Tanner the CEO of Bryston said part of the problem is a large parts shortage. I read in a recent article on the supply shortage that chips on the average are taking 16-50 weeks to deliver. I assume Wilson like Bryston also has specially made parts for their products. That is also a problem. 
Shouldn't this thread be titled "Will Wilson survive?" Worked for the thread about Magnepan.
I can wait 6 months to 1 year if I really like the speakers, and if they won’t charge my credit card.Parts shortage is a big one.