Wilson not delivering speakers as scheduled

Anyone else having a difficult time getting their Wilson speakers delivered as scheduled?  I ordered a new pair of Wilson’s in March and was told I would have them by September.  It’s mid November and speakers are still not delivered nor likely to arrive soon.  Anyone ordering speakers from Wilson, take note, add 3-6 months to whatever you are told!
Yes. I ordered Wilson DAWs in early summer and they were delayed, with the delivery took place in October. I was told that Wilson had been waiting on some of the metal parts at the back of the speaker - I would guess a delay from Asia.
Yet, it would be to Wilson's advantage to reach out to prepaid orders and explain the situation. And, considering how expensive those speakers are, I think it should be a given.

Wouldn’t that be the role of the Dealer, not the manufacture?
"Wouldn’t that be the role of the Dealer, not the manufacture?" 

I would agree if Wilson is in fact giving the dealers that information. I can imagine calling the dealer and them saying "we haven't heard a thing." Or maybe they are fully informed, I have no idea, but I tend to agree with gdnrbob, Wilson is the one with the supply chain issue and or labor issue, they should reach out to its customers or at least send that information to all the dealers for distribution if they aren't already. The price of a Wilson speaker should include that level of service even when things aren't going great.
Now that we understand that lockdowns, shutting business down, etc. was completely unnecessary, it seems that this was all self induced madness. Now the consumers are paying the price with inflation, shortages and long delays. Such a terrible situation that could have been avoided.


If a company misses a promised delivery that you accepted and were willing to live with, the order should stay in line if the buyer so desires
but the deposit should be returned. In full. Maker has failed on his promise thus has lost credibility and in no position to ask for your consideration.