Wilson not delivering speakers as scheduled

Anyone else having a difficult time getting their Wilson speakers delivered as scheduled?  I ordered a new pair of Wilson’s in March and was told I would have them by September.  It’s mid November and speakers are still not delivered nor likely to arrive soon.  Anyone ordering speakers from Wilson, take note, add 3-6 months to whatever you are told!

 For what it’s worth I got a pair of new polks in two days.

If they are the Reserve or Legend series, I would like your thoughts.



@rok2id  I have listened to a number of the Polk's including the L200, L600 and the R500. I think they are all fantastic and I would have kept the L600's but the bass response simply overpowered my room (13' x 17'). Big, big sound and the ring radiator tweeters are wonderful. All of them are very punchy and slightly warm, with BIG and DEEP bass response. The Legend 600 was slightly fuller sounding through the mid-band but not by much. All are very revealing. Imaging is very good.

After listening to all three I ended up with the Reserve 500 based on the bass response in my room, the big sound it makes and the detail and resolution without being at all bright. The looks of the Reserve line are fairly utilitarian but the Reserve and the Legend series use the same drivers and components, it really boils down to aesthetics between the R's and the L's. Detail and resolution have never been Polk hallmarks in the past but my goodness these tweeters are good in that regard. Price is insane for the sound you're getting in my opinion. The Reserve 500's in particularly have incredible bass extension but texture and definition aren't the best but in no way bloated if set up properly in the room.

I currently have Dynaudio C1's, Yamaha Soavo NSF 901's, compared the Buchardt S300 and recently owned but did not do a direct comparison with JM Lab Micro Utopias and JM Lab Mini Utopias and I flat out prefer the Polk's. Keep in mind though I'm using pretty muscular amplification with them, PS Audio BHK 250 and PrimaLuna Diaglogue Premium HP amp wit KT150s. Both are good with both lines (except the PL and the Legend 600's, not enough gitty-up particularly in the bass) but in my opinion the Polk's want grippy solid state power.

I'm probably as much of an audio snob as most and I would have never considered Polk's as my primary speakers. Not sure I still do and I wouldn't call them my dream speakers by any stretch (still thinking of Wilson Duette MK1's in the future) but I'm very happy with what these things can do regardless of the money spent. I would call them fun speakers, by no means reference speakers but stunning for the money.

To keep from hogging up this thread feel free to PM me if you have any additional questions. Hope this helps.

feel free to PM me if you have any additional questions. Hope this helps.


Excellent response.  You answered all my questions exactly.  My room is about the same size as yours, and I was worried about the bass response of the L600 being a little too much.  Thanks for differentiating between the R and L series.  It seems to be as I thought.

I currently have the Polk Lsim 705.  Before them, I had the Polk Lsi15 and then Polk LS90, so I am a Polk guy. :)  Before then, JBL.

Thank You




@rok2id A couple of years ago I bought the Polk Lsim 703’s new for like 450 bucks since they were being discontinued. I had no need for them but just wanted to hear them. I sold those earlier this year so I don’t have them for direct comparison but the legends and the reserves are going to have quite a bit more resolution and detail while the 703 are bit darker and warmer. Low end and mid bass punch were also impressive with the 703’s but the L200's, which are comparable stand mounts, beat those pretty handily based on memory.