Wilson's new speaker the Sasha is coming.

THere is a teaser on their website. Looks beautiful if you can make out the images. I think it is a step up from the WP generation. Maybe a replacement.
You may be right. I did not mix and match. i could see tube monos and pre being more forgiving. The sasha's did sound fantastic. But the big revelation was the magnepan 3.6 on a string quartet. My god! The notes attack, the body, the decay, just floated out there. So palpable. It was like time was slowed down. I wish I could have a pair just for chamber music! Believe the system was Mac solid state amp and pre, rega cd player.

Just out of curiosity, did you audition the speakers in Cincy? Your description of the equipment sounds exactly like what I heard at Audible Elegance. They had the Sashas driven by Mac 2301 tube amps, the 3.6's driven by Mac 402 solid state, and the Sophia II's.

My impressions were very similar to yours, although I thought the Sashas were a little loose on the bottom end with the Mac tube amps. I actually ended up buying the Sashas and am using a Mac 402 solid state amp which has better control of the bass.


Dave Neumann
Louisville KY
Robertd- I agree with Elberoth2. Were the Sophia II's driven by Ayre V5xe? I auditioned the W/P 7 & 8 with the Ayre V5xe and had the same experience. However, auditioned the W/P8's with the Ayre MX-R and it was a whole new ball game IMO.

Elberoth2--I have Sasha's as well. How is the Nagra VPA with the Sasha's?

That's where I heard them. What a speaker! Congrats. I didn't have a problem with the bass with the tubes, just really really appreciated it.
For the last week or so I have been driving my W/P Sasha with a lil Krell S300i integrated. The amp sounds GREAT with those speakers, absoulutely no problem with driving them to high SPL.

I just though I would share this piece of info in this thread, since so many ppl (me included) have worried that W/P Sasha would be very difficoult to drive. I guess they are not the easiest load, but they are not THAT hard to drive as specs may suggest. If $2500 integrated can drive them without problems, then almost any HQ poweramp should be up to the task.

BTW - S300i is a great lil amp. MUCH better than the 400xi it replaced, very un-Krell like. If you need an integrated for your office/second system, this one is worth checking out !