Wilson Sasha 2 Pre owned?

I am now listening to 25 year old Proac Response 3.5 speakers with Audio Research tube electronics.  Great speakers but I'm considering an upgrade.  I really like the Wilson Sabrina but now have a chance to buy pre owned Wilson Sasha 2s in the low 20's. They are about two years old but cosmetically perfect, would include a 3 year warranty from Wilson. Also, there was some kind of resistor upgrade after these speakers were manufactured and the dealer would include the upgrade.  The boxes/crates are not included.  Looking for any advice on whether this seems like a good deal, whether the Sasha 2s would be a big step up from the Proacs and whether the used Sasha2s are a better choice than new Sabrinas (which would cost less).  Have to decide very soon because there are others interested in the Sasha's. Thanks. 
Frankly, dealers should not be posting things in these forums which are for us audiophile consumers.
Yes Dave Audiodoctor NJ....(hey, why not add your 800 sales line number to your posts too?) Your posts are always promoting the equipment you sell...now i get it.
And guess what?  I own Maxx3's.
So, call me a troll too....


You are fine to love Wilson the Maxx3 is a very nice speaker we had a trade in pair in our shop, and if you read the posts I owned Wilson Watt 3/2 and five. 

The issue isn't if Wilson doesn't make a good speaker they do, the issue I have with Wilson is their ever increasing upward spiral of pricing the Maxx 3 were priced at roughly $70k the newer Alex is it $110k do you honestly think that their costs have gone up that much from one version to the other?

The issue is cost vs value. We had the Scaena 3.2 with the newer ribbon tweeters at $120k and they were amazing easily in the same class at the $200k Alexandrias. 

What I am upset about is how well Wilson has managed to control the industry when there are better made or better sounding products out there such as the Rockport Arakis or the Scaenas 

If you care to read our posts we are recommending people who are looking at the Alexia at $58k to check out the Persona 9H at $35 for a comparable speaker that costs $23k less. 

People need to check out products not be wed to brands, you may be surprised at what you find.

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...and NO Dave, im not wed to my brand...its just super sound, and i can afford anything i want...so, NOW what will your commercialized response to me be?