Wilson Sasha 2 Pre owned?

I am now listening to 25 year old Proac Response 3.5 speakers with Audio Research tube electronics.  Great speakers but I'm considering an upgrade.  I really like the Wilson Sabrina but now have a chance to buy pre owned Wilson Sasha 2s in the low 20's. They are about two years old but cosmetically perfect, would include a 3 year warranty from Wilson. Also, there was some kind of resistor upgrade after these speakers were manufactured and the dealer would include the upgrade.  The boxes/crates are not included.  Looking for any advice on whether this seems like a good deal, whether the Sasha 2s would be a big step up from the Proacs and whether the used Sasha2s are a better choice than new Sabrinas (which would cost less).  Have to decide very soon because there are others interested in the Sasha's. Thanks. 
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...and NO Dave, im not wed to my brand...its just super sound, and i can afford anything i want...so, NOW what will your commercialized response to me be?
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To both bar and to jbatlanta, you guys are missing the spirt to which we first started to answer this post.

When you have a gentleman who is inquiring if a 25+ year old pair of Proacs is bettered by a set of new Wilson speakers doesn't that strike you as odd? 

If the gentleman was 100% convinced don't you think he would have just bought them? 

What we said was of course the Sasha is a much better set of speakers we also said hey for the same money why don't you check out these other options? Some of which we sell some which we dont.

The idea was to start a discussion, to see if in the entire world of loudspeakers was this set of speakers the right choice for the OP or perhaps would another product possibly be better.

What I find remarkable is not one of you guys asked any of the salient questons to see if the Wilson's would work with his gear and his room?

The Sasha can give amplifiers fits and what might have sounded fantastic with his Proacs might not work so well with his Wilsons.

This is called a discussion, not a one way just agree with the OP,  this is what I meant by Wilson toadies, the same can be said by Magico toadines and alike,  and be done with it, again if the OP was even asking the question it means that he has some reservations.

I don't know about you guys, but as a dealer we are always looking for alternatives to sometimes replace or augment what we sell, to not listen to others is to live in a vacumm where we do not learn how do we or anyone find out anything we go to shows, we read, we enlist the input of others and we test. 

As per making money with these posts so far it has almost never happened. 

We can all learn from one another and sometimes we do need to re-evaluate our preferences. 

If I said I have amplifier X  which outperfoms amp y and you happen to own amp Y do you get indignant or do you seek out amp x to see for yourself and if it does sound better?