Wilson Sasha , Avalon Indra or Magico V3?

Wich speaker will be the best for
Spectral DMC 30ss and 360 mono?
Wilson Sasha, Avalon Indra or Magico V3?
Thanks. Sergio
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It's been said Running Springs makes good units. Audience and PS Audio get favorable mention as well--but that has nothing to do with this thread or the OP's question, just a childish retort. Maybe you should try a few. It'll take your mind off Darth Vader, Bowels and masquerading your caustic remarks as levity. Smilie faces or not, you seem to be working with some pretty sharp sticks behind your little monitor.


I used to work at Avalon, so I'm a bit biased...

1. (...) Neil Patel of Avalon has a scary understanding of crossover design, not to mention the caps in a Wilson barely make the cut for Avalon's entry level speakers. (...)

Leopoldauer - just out of curiosity - how do you know what caps does Wilson use in his designs, since all Wilson x-overs are potted ?

FYI - I have owned both Avalon (Eidolon Vision) and Wilson (Sophia II, now Sasha) and I think they are all great products.
One of my friends just bought the Wilson Sasha. He came from an Avalon Eidolon Vision. Even out of the box the Sashas smoked the Avalon in every way except 3D sound. The Avalon has a holgraphic sound that the Sasha also has after being played in.

At this price level it comes down to personal taste but to my opinion the Sasha is the best money can buy at this moment in a normal living room. The bass hump that previous Wilson Puppy's had is gone and it is a very musical speaker.

..i wouldn't buy any of the above until i heard the tidal 'piano cera'. same $ ballpark..i have heard the sasha and the v3 and the 'piano cera' is much better....imo...