Wilson Sasha's - All evolution in Wilsons are.....

Very much like a revolution in long runs. I heard them in several places and highly tweeked rooms. SUPERB!!!!
I am a pround owner of the Sophia's Mk2 and I still envy the Sasha's very much every single time.

A true step up for Wilson, much more forgiving than the Puppy 8's. Now it pretty much works with every credible amplifier out there. Great looks, Wilson built quality as usual without question and stunning sound. Setup and everything else is the same, a real pain in the A** to get them right :)

"A" Plus for Wilson.
I am driving my Sophias with Canary tube monoblocks. The sound is effortless and dynamic. This is a great match.

Madfloyd, I had the same concern about the upper mids. However, I found out that Wilson's comment about sitting 1.1 - 1.25 x the distance between the tweeters is NOT just a suggestion. Sitting farther away than this gives the mids a steely, sharp edge. Get in closer as recommended and you are rewarded with a natural, cohesive sound that is organic and detailed all at once.

As has been mentioned before, I found out first hand how setting up a Wilson speaker is a pain in the a$$. Which begs the question of how many times detractors have heard them set up improperly? They can go from uninvolving and/or annoying to world class in a matter of inches.

Got my Sashas last week ... still haven't got a chance to listen to them, since I sold my speaker cables and now I'm waiting for a new set, LOL.

My amps are Nagra VPA, Pass XA-30.5 and Dartzeel. I also still have the Sophia II speakers, so will be able to do a head to head comparo (instead of relying on aural memory, whcuh can be deceptive).

Stay tuned.
Well I just got a pair of Krell EVO400 mono amps and they work very well together with the Sasha. Now it is a matter of preference which amps are better, the XA100.5 or the EVO400. At this moment I slightly prefer the EVO400 which is a lot better than the stereo version. Still need more listening but the Krell power amps are more dynamical and have better imaging. The vioce of Diana Krall still sounds better on the Pass. Will need more listening.

This is a very helpful thread for the Sashas in particular but also for the Sophias and driving them with different amps. I appreciate all of the comments.

I am driving Sophia 1s with Lamm M1.2s and Ayre K-1xe preamp. Cables are Purist Anniversary. Outrageously expensive, but what a difference they have made with the Ayre-Lamm-Sophias combo. They have taken the system where I wanted to go but was unsure I would ever get there. I know Elberoth2 was disappointed with the Sophia/Lamm M1.2 combo. I must admit that I did a fair amount of tube rolling and cable rolling before I finally heard what I was looking for.

I would like to move on to the Sashas, but it will be awhile before I can afford to make that move. My next big upgrade will be replacing my Ayre C-5xeMP, Sony blu-ray and Exemplar Denon 5910 (if I can bear to part with it) with Ayre's new DX-5 and then I will rip all my CDs to a music server connected to the DX-5.