Wilson Sophia 2 vs B&W 802d

I am close to purchasing a set of Wilson Sophia 2's. I have embraced Home Theater on a limited basis using B&W 804s,B&W HTM3s, and Quad ESL-63's on the front. I enjoyed the set-up but, since music is 80%vs HT 20% I have elected to upgrade the front two channels and just go with a 2 channel HT for the moment. Since my processor allows phantom center with shifting to L/R of center channel, 2 channel is very appealing.

I believe the Wilson's are very musical and very detailed at lower volume levels.

Do you think the Wilson's will retain as much value as the 802d's on the used market?

Does anyone have any differing opinions on the selection of the Sophia 2's over the B&W 802d's? Thanks in advance
You should be happy with the Sophia 2s....make sure you get dealer to help you set them up....that was key in my case...and I use to be in speaker design world....