Wilson Sophia 2 vs Revel Salon2--fair comparison?

I've narrowed my search to these two speakers. The prices are in the same ballpark for my current situation: I would be buying the Sophias from a local authorized dealer vs buying the Revels new/barely used here at Agon (since I have no local dealer).

I have been able to audition the Sophias and loved them. Since there is no local dealer, the Revels have remained unheard. The praise in the press and various forums have still kept them in the running though.

They will be palced in a 20x27' room. Power will come from an all Bryston front end including the all new 4B SST squared. Music is a mix of classic rock and jazz. I tend to value bass slam and depth as well as the ability to disappear. Coherence is also important.

So what does the forum think? Is this a fair fight? Should I just go for the Revels? Thanks!
The prices here at Agon for the Salon2 would be similar to what the local Wilson dealer wants for the Sophia2. That's what makes the Salon2s tempting even though I have not heard them.
I have posted this before but FWIW, at CES 2008 only four speakers that I heard stood out. The Wilson WP8's and Revel Salon 2's were two of them.

The Wilson's had about $100,000 of VTL equipment in front of them and the room was really dialed in. They sounded great.

The Revels were in the back corner of a room promoting chip amps. Just thrown together with maybe $2000 of front end equipment, if that, and they sounded great.

I will not comment on the nuances of either as I did not spend enough time to do so and it has been a while. But that said, I think that I would have bought the Revel's over the Wilsons.
I agree w/Rydenfan..You cant fairly compared those two speakers..I love the Sophia2 and have heared it many times as well as the Salon2....but if those are the only two choices, Revel salon2 (used) or Wilson sophia (new)... a no brainer IMO..Revel Salon2!
I have heard both and though I heard the Revels when they were new. I also at the same dealer have heard the Sophias
more recently. I own Revel F32's and the one thing that I can say between Wilson and Revel that the Wilsons seem more musical where as the Revels are more analytical. To me they are like comparing a Cadillac to a Corvette. One has more comfort while the other is more performance driven. I would say that if you like the Wilson's buy them. They are known quantity for you. I think in the Wilson line I have listened to teh Duettes, Sophias and Maxx's and I always walk away thinking the Sophias are the best sounding of the three. They offer an outstanding value when comapred to the Maxx's. But that is my ears and opinions will vary.