Wilson Sophia 2--- VTL S-150 or Ayre V1-xe?

I just got the speakers and need an amp to drive them. I was wondering if a VTL S-150 would be enough. I have a Cary SLI-80 right now and I dont get the tight full bass. The top end and mid is perfect though. I dont think I could live with a ss amp on Wilson for it would be too bright. Thx.
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Sorry to be late responding. Haven't checked this thread in a while. First, let me say that I have never really liked the Krell sound. It has always been too analytical for my taste. The new Krells are a big improvement, but still don't quite get there for me.

With that disclosure, I found the combination of big Krell mono blocks with both Sophia 1s and 2s to just not have the magic that Sophias with Lamm M1.2s have or the warm midrange they have with the Ayre mono blocks.

If you like the Krell sound, however, I don't think you will be disappointed with Sophia 1s with them. If you go with that combo and find you would like to warm up the midrange, you might try the Purist Proteus Provectus cables. They have fabulous midrange and highs, but were a little bass shy with my Lamms, but that should not be a problem with Krells.

Sophias and Ayre MXRs and Ayre pre are a very nice combo. I have been thru a lot of cables and the best I have found are the Purist Anniversaries (ridiculous price) and second best are the Purist Proteus Provectus (pretty good used prices on the 'Gon). If you like something cooler and mid-hall, the Stealth Indra is hard to beat. Also, the new Virtual Dynamics Revelation 3.0 Conqueror is both flexible and good sounding, holographic cable with good bass (better than the Proteus Provectus). It is a giant leap better than the Revelation 2.0.

Your just going to have to audition a few combinations to see what works for you. I have to laugh at most of the crap that gets posted on the Gon. Most of the posts are from people who have never heard the items they discuss and often in less than ideal situations. RMAF, CES, cold equipment, ect.

The products you are inquiring about are all fine pieces. Are they right for you? Only you can determine that. If you are concerned about the sound being to bright, Wilson's are not inherently bright imo but I have heard setups that sound bright, and want tight bass then perhaps you should consider a tube pre and SS amp.
i heard sophia 2 with vtl's monoblocks and i was not impressed at all.
sounded too thin and anemic.
perhaps it was the way it was set-up, etc.