Wilson Sophia III vs Sasha

Currently own Sophia IIIs and I've been contemplating going to Sasha's. Has anyone compared them in the same system? Your thoughts/opinions are greatly appreciated.

I will post a follow-up next week. I went through this before when I had Sophia 2s. I listen to B&W and Magico, but stayed with Wilson and upgraded my electronics.

I look forward to reading about your experience as well. Where are you auditioning the Rockport Mira?

BTW, I did not forget about the pictures. I took them and i will email them tonight! Sorry for the delay but father in law had heart attack and things have been hectic.
Today I listened to Rockport Mira IIs and Wilson Sasha’s. I have Sophia IIIs and wanted to see if it was time to change speakers. I’ll preface my comments by stating, “there isn’t a perfect speaker, everyone hears differently, and audio has no absolutes, only preferences.
I took 7 CDs to listen to (Kem, Dave Koz, Jessy J., David Sanborn, and a few others). I prefer Jazz and a little R&B. I won’t go into every detail comparing the Mira IIs to Sophia IIIs, let just say, both I and my wife preferred the Sophia IIIs by a wide margin.
Sasha’s were up next. I could have listened to Sasha’s all day. It’s obvious that Sophia IIIs are cut from the same mold, but the Sasha’s do everything a little better. Not just more bass, more separation, height, and just a little smoother. My wife remarked,”Kem sounds like he is in the room”. If money wasn’t an issue, to my ears it’s a no brainer…Sasha’s! I submit Sophia IIIs are very, very, very good speakers and Sasha’s are Great! I will think about my finances for 1 more day. Stay with Sophia IIIs and get 90% of the Sasha’s or spend money that I probably shouldn’t right now. I guess another option is to save for a couple months and then get Sasha’s. Either way it's time to be grateful and thankful for what I have and enjoy the music!
The system consisted of my amp and preamp (Densen B350 and B250), Transparent Reference Cable, and DCS CD player as the source.
So I'm curious, what happened here; did you get the Sasha's or stay with your Sophia III's and work on upgrading your room??