Wilson Sophia matching poweramp

I own this astonishing speakers, so I like to know wich matching have you heard about followings and your suggest:
Accuphase A-50 and P-700; Krell FPB-200 and 400cx; Manley 250 monoblocks; Sim Audio Moon W5.
BAT VK-75SE. Best one I tried, and fewer tubes, power cords, etc.


For my Wilson Sophia 2s....and soon to be 8s...I found Ayre very nice...as a matter of fact going to move from the V6-ex to the new mono blocks...they seem to sound natural...not electronic...great detail, very black background...
I have Krell with my Sophias and room treatment has calmed them no problem. I have also heard Krell FBP-450 with them which also sounded great (initial demo).

My shortlist for power is Lamm 1.2, VTL 450 / S-400, Dartzeel, or Chapter.

Good luck and enjoy!

Get your self to an Edge dealer if you can find one! The current production Edge amplifiers are a revelation and offer real power and incredible sound.

I have sold Krell and Lamm and VTL so I have a lot of experiene. The Dartzheel is very expenisve with no real track record and is only a 100 watts.

I just received a new Edge NL 12.1. Beware the older updated units, most of them can not be brought up to new standards.

The current Edge products have rewritten my appreciation for what solid state can really do! I have allways been a tube guy, the Edge must be used carefully or it can sound unrelenting, but when paired with the right stuff the amplifier sounds closer to live music than most amplifiers tube or solid state. The only other problem is the 1,000 hour break in, really, and their lack of dealers in the US.

Once you hear an Edge there is no going back they are freakishily fast, but lack the whiteness of a Halcro or Spectral amp, then combine the bass tunefullness of a big Naim and the transaprency of a Halcro, with a slightly warmer midrange, and the immaging widith of a great tube amplifer like a VAC and you have the perfect beast!