Wilson Sophia vs Usher Mini Dancer II

A friend of mine just purchased a pair of the Usher Mini Dancer II with the diamond tweeters. I was impressed with just how good this speaker sounds. Extended, sophisticated highs with lots of 'sparkle' and 'air' and robust tunefull bass with a good dose of impact.

I was leaning towards a used pair of Wilson Sophia II's as my 'box' speaker of choice, but now I am not so sure. Wonder how these two speakers would compare? A used set of Sophia's will run around $7k, about twice the cost of a nice used pair of Mini Dancer....
When I heard the Usher Mini Dancer II, I was NOT impressed. This was not the diamond model but the original model. I sound lifeless and boring. Maybe it has great measurements but I wouldn't buy it.

Not sure how expensive they are where you live. But If I were you I would listen to a pair of Marten Django L or XL. IMHO they are very very good.
Mini Dancer is not a fair comparison with sophia. An 8871 with Diamond tweeter is same ballpark.
At this time hearing the Usher Be-718 Diamonds, I am absolutely amazed about the sound of these monitors...

Really similar sound to Wilson, maybe bass notes are not as articulated as Wilsons but overall really similar and adictive sound
I found the Usher 8571 to sound a little fuller in the bass than the Wilson Sophia 3s, which were a little more articulate in the bass. Both had amazing bass extension - they just presented it a little differently.

The 8571 sure did have an appealing, addictive sound though - totally agree with you on that!
That is my impression also; overall I think that the Wilson's are more 'accurate' and detailed, a tad bit tighter in the bass but not as full or musically expressive.