Wilson to Tekton to ????

Ok, here we go again.  I started 2 threads a few years ago.  "What did I do?" was the title of the first one. Look it up if interested.

This is what I did. I sold my used Wilson Sophia Series II for $1000 more than I paid for them. Then I spent most of that money on Tekton Moab speakers.   The system was in a really large room and the Moabs did not look out of place and the fact the actual speakers were higher from the floor gave me a sense of "Being There".  I loved them.

Now I moved to a smaller house, room.  These Moabs now look like I has 2 standing closets in the corners of my room. Black in color does not help.  But the sound is still very nice and I plan on buying the Townsend bases for them.

But I know in my heart that the Wilson speakers would be perfect in this room.

Here is what I have learned. Never Sell Anything. 


Don't worry about looks (assuming that is a possibility for you, I know some people can't get past looks) and just think about how they sound.  I don't think it is generally possible to have speakers too big for a room.

With big sensitive speakers you need an amp that does a good job at very low power.   This often points to an SET but there are good ss amps too.


I have a set of AR electronics Ref 75 power and a Ref 3 pre.

It sounds pretty good from my point of view.

I don't know.  When I sold my Rega P6 with the Exact 2 cartridge, instead of throwing a sneaker at it because it sounded so crappy, that was something I was glad to sell and have never looked back.  I replaced it with a Rega RP10 with an Apheta 2 MC cartridge, and it made all the difference.

When I sold my Conrad Johnson MF2550SE, I was sad.  In spite of having even better CJ tube amps now, I still have seller's remorse because that amp would work pretty much anywhere.

The pain of selling one by mistake is more memorable than getting out of the bad turntable and cartridge.

The Wilson’s are also more accurate and better micro dynamics 

much more isolated cabinets,as well as far better drivers .

buy the Marten trios for $13 k these will give you both of what you loved in both speakers .you can get them for maybe $12k .these ceramic drivers are Very seamless.

It's not the extra equipment I have a problem keeping, it's storing all the boxes!