Wilson Witt series 1 speakers, very odd problem, help!

Ok so I have a pair of Wilson Witt series 1 speakers I purchased used approx. 4 months ago and was very happy with them.
Now I am experiencing a very odd problem.
Roughly 50% of the time when I start playing music through them the mid drivers do not work at all on either of them.
This usually occurs if I am playing at night and START at lower volume levels.
The next day I play them maybe at much higher start volume they will work just fine.
That is what is most peculiar to me, just how they can work one day but not the next and work again.
I am not sure it is directly related to volume but that does seem to be when they decide to not work.
Does anybody have an experience with this or have any ideas what possibly to look for?
Source does not matter, it could be tt or cd or tidal, and usually when the mid drivers are not working just turning up the volume does not make them work on that run.
Very very odd and I truly cannot fathom just how this can be happening at all?
An update to this as I played them this morning at higher volume, after being on vacation for a week.
Now the mids will not play at all and it sounds like the lh speaker tweeter is also on the fritz as just sibilance is all I can here.
maybe something on the crossover boards?
Any thoughts will help here, thank you
Take a picture and share it here of your speakers binding posts
 and Pics of mid woofers