Wilson Witt series 1 speakers, very odd problem, help!

Ok so I have a pair of Wilson Witt series 1 speakers I purchased used approx. 4 months ago and was very happy with them.
Now I am experiencing a very odd problem.
Roughly 50% of the time when I start playing music through them the mid drivers do not work at all on either of them.
This usually occurs if I am playing at night and START at lower volume levels.
The next day I play them maybe at much higher start volume they will work just fine.
That is what is most peculiar to me, just how they can work one day but not the next and work again.
I am not sure it is directly related to volume but that does seem to be when they decide to not work.
Does anybody have an experience with this or have any ideas what possibly to look for?
Source does not matter, it could be tt or cd or tidal, and usually when the mid drivers are not working just turning up the volume does not make them work on that run.
Very very odd and I truly cannot fathom just how this can be happening at all?
i'm not sure if this is relevant but i had driver doing similar things and eventually if failed completely it turned out to be the voice coil wire was broken just were it entered the coil. one of the things i noticed was when the speakers were playing if I lightly pressed in the cone it would make contact and play.... good luck with your issue
Just and update so far
I pulled one mid driver to test solo and lo and behold music so I am going to assume both mids are good.
Spoke with Jerron at Wilson who confirmed that the likely cause is the resistor on the crossover and that they are accessed by a panel on base of the speaker.
I ordered 4 resistors for both mids and tweeters( may as well do both while at it) and just waiting for them to arrive and hopefully that will be it.
Well finally got time to replace the resistors this morning, little surprised to see that for all the money Wilson charge they use plasterboard screws to hold it together with the square heads!
Anyhoo we now have life at the mids but the tweeters are definitely shot, most likely from my daughter using them when the mids were not working at all.
So any recommendations for a good replacement tweeter for these?  
Replace the resistors for the tweeters too. If that doesn’t work, make sure the tweeters you buy are voiced for the speakers. There were a lot of several of them on here recently, but there is no guarantee they are voiced for yours.My series II are very well built, and have 4 steel bolts and plates on the bottom of them. Best of luck and let us know if it was just the resistors in the tweeters.