Wilson Witt vs Proac studio 250

I have a Proac studio 250 and have an offer to change them for Wilson Witt. Could anybody advice or help me if it is a good or bad idea? My amps are Cary Audio Cad 40 m speciel edit.
Forget the Witt speaker. Dave Wilson buried that one quickly as it had terrible reviews and sonically was his worst. I have owned Wilson's for years and enjoyed my Watt/Puppies 5.1's, but think the 6's are much better. Now, the reviews of the Watt/Puppy 7 say it is the best speaker under 20K. I personally upgraded to the MAXX and can't see myself buying another speaker for a long time. The WITT is not even supported by Wilson anymore meaning there will never be an upgrade path. If you like the Wilson sound, then try auditioning a pair of used 5.1's or 6's in your system. No comment on the Proac as I haven't listen to them.
I very strongly second Audionut's sage advice! I own Proac's and have listened to the Wilson's several times. Forget about the Witts--they are not long term keepers.