Wilsons are the best speakers in the world

I don't think so.
For some reason many electronics manufacturers use them for shows. Why is that? 
Audiomachina and GMA speakers can reproduce the original waveform by use of 1st order crossovers. The high order crossovers in a Wilson will not and so could not qualify as best speaker. They are not time and phase coherent. But to most listeners they sound very good.  
Wilson Audio philosophy is to not add "coloration" to the system, and they dont.  So any electronics manufacturer would be attracted to using them at shows because you would hear THEIR equipment.
Wilson (example Maxx 3) is fully capable of reproducing any signals thrown at it.  Unfortunately if you are throwing garbage it will reproduce garbage.
Inna, can you just not afford Wilson audio? Is criticism your compensatory behavior?  
Count me out. In the 90s I did extensive listening sessions with the then-top-of-the-line Wilsons powered by Krell Audio Standard amps ($25k monoblocs) each on its own 20-amp dedicated circuit. (I worked at a dealer and would listen after hours.) Wilsons are colorless all right, but uninvolving to me. No argument with those who like them, but I have never had the slightest desire for Wilsons since then.
The only Wilson Audio speaker I personally had the opportunity to spend a bit of time with was the Sophie II and I have no idea how that compares to others of the Willson lineup. They were being used in a friends home to audition several very nice power amps - tubed and SS. In his rather large room with a 20’ ceiling. As long as you sat dead center in the sweet spot, they sounded very real, with a huge detailed stage and did a very nice job at revealing subtle differences in each piece of electronics. Maybe it was just the room, but no matter how we arranged or tweaked the speaker position, if you moved even a few inches from the dead center sweet spot, the image shifted and the magic of the huge stage seemed to collapse. In my home, after a bit of tweaking, my little Maggie 1.7s do a very fine job at about everything (except deep base) and regardless of where you set, the image does not shift and the stage doesn’t collapse. If money and space were no object, I would prefer to have a set of well serviced Apogee, Duetta II Sigs. over about anything else I’ve ever had the pleasure to audition. Others on my favorites list would be the larger Martin Logans or even the Maggie 3.7i. and still love my old Quad ESL 63s. I guess if I had somewhere up of 100k to spend on a set of speakers (I don't) I think the Martin Logan Neoliths might also be high on my list. I guess I’m just a ESL/Ribbon kind of guy that has to live on a budget; but then to each their own...Jim