Wireless HDMI transmitter & receiver

My ethernet and HDMI connections are in the living room where the smart TV is.

I want to send that HDMI signal into another room where my stereo equipment and the 5.1 surround receiver/amp are located.  I would like to do this with a wireless HDMI transmitter in the living room, and its receiver dongle plugged into my 5.1 Receiver/amp. Who makes the best wireless HDMI transmitter/receiver system?

I found one on Amazon by a company called POFAN.  Anybody know if that's good equipment?

Thanks for your help!


Any wireless equipment can suffer from dropouts, amazon has a 30 day return so all you can do is see that the suggested range will work and then try it.

The problem is that televisions don't send video.  They send audio via eARC, but they absolutely do not send video.

Having said that, they do make a variety of ways to extend HDMI over Ethernet.

So, what is your destination ??  Maybe what you need instead is a Roku.