Wireless USB

Looks like Gefen is taking orders on a new wireless USB 2.0 extender with 60 foot max. range.


Perhaps this one will work better than Belkin's offering.
A better link on the Icron WiRanger product:

So, in theory, this Icron device will work on an Offramp Turbo 2 or a USB DAC?
If the Icron device supports Isochronous, it should work. I hope the B/W is sufficient for 24/96. Since it is based on 802.11G and not ultrawideband, I think it should work fine. Kind of spendy though....

It's interesting that the "cablefree" thing has changed from ultrawideband to 802.11g.

I read the white-paper and it makes sense. Essentially, what happens is instead of the device acknowledging the transaction, the software sends a bogus "NACK" or non-acknowledgment and then later after the host retries again, the actual ACK is received wirelessly and sent to the host. So, it's a deferral of the ACK, knowing that the host will do a retry. It may cause the host to send the data multiple times though, until it finally gets an ACK, which could reduce bandwidth or cause dropouts. I guess it depends on how much buffering they put in the hub devices. As long as the buffers dont empty, then it should work without hiccoughs. Seems to me that isochronous does not do retries though. I'm no expert on USB though. Interestingly, they only show the protocol in the read direction. The spec sheet also says max bandwidth TBD.

I will give them a call. I think I'll have to buy and try this one.

Steve N.