Wireless USB

Looks like Gefen is taking orders on a new wireless USB 2.0 extender with 60 foot max. range.


Perhaps this one will work better than Belkin's offering.
That sounds promising. I placed a pre-order as well. Anticipated release is 1st week of April, but they may release early.

It's interesting that the "cablefree" thing has changed from ultrawideband to 802.11g.

It appears that they are starting with 802.11g, and will eventually move into other standards. Not sure whether all of these will work for what we want to do, or whether they will keep isochronous communication for all of these formats (from the first link above):

Wireless Standards Supported:
UWB, 802.11b/g/a/n, 900Mhz, 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz proprietary solutions
I've pre-ordered one. I am thinking about putting one inside my new Formula One DAC. After talking with the rep, I believe it will work fine. Working with Icron to determine FCC requirements for OEM boards.
Now that's cool, Steve! Could this be mounted in the Spoiler too, or any USB DAC for that matter? Do you think this will work with one of your Offramps then?
One thing about the Geffen device that seems a big advantage over the Icron is that all you need is a dongle that attaches to your computer to talk to the hub unit. This is an advantage because if you have a laptop you can move around with it much easier because all you have attached is a dongle. The Icron device is larger and appears to connect to the computer via a USB cable. That's fine if you have a desktop and don't plan to move around but if you have a laptop and want to move around that means you have to carry the unit with its USB cable with you. Am I correct in how I am looking a this?

Exciting, neverthess.
I believe Icron has a dongle too. See picture in this link:


From the link:

The WiRanger Cable Free USB 2.0 Hub is a four-port hub and dongle set that will enable immediate high-speed wireless connectivity with maximum reach extending beyond 30m.