Wireworld Polaris III vs Tara Labs Air3 Intercon

I am considering either of these interconnects (balanced) for connecting my Audio Research LS-15 pre to my ATC 100A speakers (active). I am looking for a neutral cable that won't add any brightness to my system which can sound harsh when playing bright recordings. The feedback I have seen seems to suggest that the Polaris is very neutral wheras the Air3 tends to be a bit warm.

Since I won't have the opportunity to demo these cables before I buy I would be grateful for any advice.

Would it be worth spending more and going for the Eclipse III+ ?

ive auditioned a few cables from LAT to Signal Cable to Tara Labs AIR 1 to Tributaries and Monster. I haven't heard wireworld but i don't think i need to now- i live in Eugene Oregon, right near Stan Warren- i met him yesterday, as i was audtioning his IC's- he Cryo treats them and charges about $50-other people have sold their acoustic zen , mapleshades etc. when they heard these because let me tell you, they are phenomenal- they absolutely blew away everything i've heard, especially the Tara labs stuff which to my ears has no bass definition and alot of glare in the upper mids- just my 2 cents