Wireworld Silver Eclipse 8 Speaker Cables

I currently own MIT EVO One cables and I am considering the Wireworld Silver Eclipse 8 as a replacement. Does anyone have the Silver Eclipse opinions? I have a Boulder 866 Integrated with DAC/Streamer and Rockport Atria II speakers. My other cable consideration is Transparent Gen 5 Reference. Thanks, Todd
I have the copper version they are fantastic in my system

They might still be offering a 30 day
I had Rockport Atria and now have Aviors (both original versions. I am driving them with a Simaudio 700i integrated amp and I really like Transparent Audio cabling in the system.  I started with TA Gen 5 Super speaker cables and now have Gen 5 Ultra. I love the sound 
I have a Boulder 866 and am waiting for a set of Silversmith Fidelium speaker cables -- should get them in a few days.  PM me if you want to compare notes.  David