Wireworld Silver Starlight

Hey Audiogoners,

Looking to upgrade my HDMI cable. I want to stay under $350 (USED, NEW, DEMO) for a 1m. Well, my budget led me to the Wireworld Silver Starlight. How do these fare to the Audioquest comparable in price (i.e. Vodka)?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. You guys always steer me in the right direction.
Before you spring for big bucks famous brand cables, try this: Apollo AV Lightning v2. It's a flat design like Wireworld stuff and has 5% silver content. I have two of them. One from Blu-ray to monitor and the other from Fios box to monitor. My guess is that it can compete with AQ stuff which is much more costly. Available at Amazon with free shipping for $49.95 (1m.). You can always return it if it doesn't live up to your expectation. Note: I'm not a shill for Apollo, just a very happy customer.
There is no difference between HDMI cables. A Best Buy cape is just as good as a Silverlight. CNet has a pretty detailed expose of this.