Wiring a subwoofer to monoblocks

Just picked up a REL Quake
REL's manual speaks about differential amps – does this mean
Mono blocks?
No friggin idea how to wire it up.
My i/c’s are fibre optics which break the ground between boxes so wiring the earth to the pre is no use.
To make matters worse, the Audiopax reverse polarity /phase.
Have mailed REL but no reply.

When the manual speaks about wiring to the chassis ground,
How do I check this?

Next problem will be a plan to use two subs and I'm not any clearer from their manual how this will be achieved.

I have spare pre outs on the Supratek but would prefer to run the the sub/s using the hi level inputs.
With my Monoblocks and one REL subwoofer, I have one hot wire (red) to the + speaker post of one amp. The other hot wire(Yellow) to the + speaker post of the other amp. And the ground (black) to the - speaker post of one of the amps (either will do) Sounds great!
I do not believe the Audiopax are balanced.
As the spec it's two 15 watt amps wired in series to give 30
so I should be ok.
I suspect that is not correct, Simon. It may or may not be balanced in the sense of processing out-of-phase differential signals through its internal signal path, but the fact that the secondaries of its two output transformers are apparently wired in series tells me that the two output terminals are most likely balanced (with neither being at ground potential).

In any event, as I indicated above, no harm can come from trying it with sub black connected to amp chassis (or to preamp chassis, as Hevac suggested). Just don't connect sub black to amp black unless you are totally certain that amp black does not have a signal on it.

-- Al
Simon74 said, "Where's Jim Smith when you need him :_)))"


Send me an e-mail - jim@getbettersound.com - I can help.
Thanks Al,
I really don't want to do harm to the Audiopax as I called in every favour I was ever owed to get them (a nice man on here who will remain nameless).

I hasten to add the reference to Jim was only because I know people who know him and I knew he'd know cause people I know that know,well when it comes to pax or avant garde - he's da man! so I said his name and crossed my fingers:-)
Email on it's way Jim

Rgds to all Simon
Hi All,
nothing is a problem when you know how!
Big thanks to Jim Smith - I have the knowledge,
all I need now are the connectors/cable...
and another Quake :_)))
Will report back when it's hooked up.