Wisconsin - Anyone interested?

Just wondering, things are dead around by me and nobody understands this hobby.....
ya hey there ,how about a club in Madison?we could eat cheese, drink brew and listen to my krell martin logan system.ya hey.then maybe a little fishin.

Ha, You've been spending too much time in the UP, and far too much time at University Audio. Get off the Lienenkugels and Krell, and into some triodes and Hieneken, fer gosh sakes.;)

Happy Listening!

I've been wondering the same thing! Who wants to assume the responsibility to establish something like a CAS? I love this game and I know there's lots of others around who would like to sit down and argue the merits of their system over yours, maybe by accident someone could learn something worth knowing. Is this all talk or is there real interest?
Who wants to meet in (?) Madison, Green Bay, Milwaukee, Appleton? What would we do? Who would we lie to? When will we do it? Lets get serious!!! Respond on this site and we can get something set up, or email me with your thoughts and we'll see what happens
I would be interested, I just moved to Milwaukee from Austin TX and I can not tell you how few high end dealers there are around here. If anyone knows any good high end tube dealers closer than Chicago let me know.